Ali Z. thank you for your in depth replies. Besides he has a playmate (dog) that he sees regularly at a friends and loves. We knew from the rescue that she was not fond of men, but she was fine with my husband and walked fine on leash for him. A head collar and leash is a good way to control and prevent aggression even inside the home. It was an unprovoked attack, Maggie was on leash and we had stepped away from the dog who was greeting our lab Bonnie. I know this because said Great Dane once broke his leash ran up to a lab and just did puppy play bow while hopping around it. He totally ignores the treats and barks his head off. Would I like to play with you?”. Hope this is helpful. Dogs can develop problems with leash aggression and reactivity for several reasons. No training has helped. Pack leader asserts dominance and gets treated with respect sure. She was extremely leash reactive towards people but very few dogs when we first rescued her, more so when I would walk her. Leash Reactive dogs are most often driven by fear. Most dogs are fucking harmless its the humans fault for flailing screaming and running away. He’s a saint when I take him to the dog park and he’s off the leash. And yes, I know that training is an option. Head halters can be really valuable tools in managing an aggressive dog. There are 2 small dogs in our neighborhood that set her off into almost uncomfortable aggression. People are here for help not your judgemental opinion! I’m very fond of online training videos. I think you have watched too much Dog Whisperer and now think you are an expert. It’s led to some very long and very short walks, but it’s working. Oh dear I think you need to seek profession al help! He is NOT harmless and “just wanting to say hi”. You suck, Lana. Just being outside with no other dogs in sight makes her start squeaking and barking. Dogs who are anxious or overly territorial are more prone to it. LOL let’s just call Lana, Karen. Give your puppy opportunities for supervised, off-leash play with other dogs in a mix of ages. She’s the Kare bear at the dog park threatening everyone while holding her dog by the neck. Must be good to have perfect little pooches eh. I have had enough of the two dogs totally out of control and now have started to receive threats from a couple who own a puppy who threatened us that we should not be seen in the local recreation area by them again otherwise we will be sorry. Fantastic dog no aggression— we have 3 other dogs we play with most mornings. Eventually your dog will immediately turn to you when another dog enters the picture. Occasionally the aggression is triggered or exacerbated by illness or injury making the dog feel vulnerable and afraid. I have a show dog that mixes with all breeds at dog shows and will stand with them in the preparation area but when she was a puppy a dog on a walk tried to attack her . I’m so afraid I will have to have her put down. Lack of proper socialization as a puppy can contribute to the unwanted behavior because your dog never learned how to say a proper “hello” to his four-legged friends. Perhaps there is a need for a professional trainer (for you). It’s really hard when you are walking 2 dogs to control both properly if they are being leash aggressive but I will try treats too. Instead, they pull them close and shorten the leash as the other dog approaches. Together in the house they are generally fine… play, sleep and eat together. I can’t easily train him with treats on the go as I can’t twist down to him to give them. Here are ways when… He started to get into it both times, hackles up. I am having the same problem. So stop with your insulting comments to people who are not all bad pet owners as you seem to think . Should we? I quickly found out Indy does not like being looked at directly in the face. It is a common misconception that muzzles are only used to keep aggressive dogs from biting. Seek the assistance of a qualified, positive dog trainer/behavior consultant. Dominance based training and the pack leader mentality is a thing of the past and is not considered an effective or compassionate way to train dogs. In some situations, the aggression starts as curiosity and excitement, then changes to aggression when the dog is held back from its goal. Sounds like you need aggression training! He looks gr8 now. It’s just a dog who didn’t learn his manners no need to feel upset or bad about it. When a dog approaches, the moment your dog notices this stranger call out your dog’s name in an upbeat voice, or say “here” or another cue word. Then their owners pull them away or reprimand them, creating further tension, fear, and more misbehavior. My border collie/lab mix, almost 2 has developed real aggression towards other dogs when on the leash. Leash aggression in dogs can occur rather suddenly, particularly as it becomes more ingrained, but in many cases, the animal may show signs of anxiety or fear prior to the lunging and barking that is characteristic of this condition. Hi all! I rescued an older lab pointer mix 2 months ago. Gail. Lana Smiley I think you are the one who needs to learn how to interact, especially on social forums such as this one. Kodi. Think you’re in over your head. However is walked separately no issues arise. And now we’ve worked our way up to “watch me” while on walks and distractions. We are all just trying to relate and learn something here. Have a great day! She will smell them before they appear and is almost unmanageable and is hard to hold. Take an obedience class from a dog trainer. That being said, this is a serious issue that needs addressing as soon as possible – the longer you wait, and the more it happens, the harder it is to address. This process of desensitization should be slow—rushing it could undo your progres. I also have a lab/border collie 2 years old. No change. Also, he is neutered now thanks to the rescue group that saved him. It was hot out the first 2 times and I thought it was too much. Your dog don’t like people coming close to you? Poor guy was not neutered and lived 95% of his 9year life hooked to a chain in his California yard. Leash aggression can have several components: Fear is probably the most common one and it usually builds over time. I was putting peanut butter on his so he could lick it during our walks and I even had backup treats and nothing has helped. It reinforces and reminds me of what I learned years ago but never had to use with my JRT that I raised from a pup. They are here to gather helpful information not be crucified by an internet bully. My husband walks our large (120lb) sweet rescue twice daily She has been with us 5 years She is well socialized with most dogs and all ages of people Good2Go Reflective Padded Leash This leash is a good choice for the comfort of your hand and for your puppy’s safety. So much so the owners looked at me like I was a terrible person and Maggie a monster. From dog bite prevention and public safety to the pet overpopulation problem due to over-capacity animal shelters, aggression is a leading cause of many of the major problems in the dog world. It’s a very easy problem to fix. I know the boxer has SERIOUS anxiety issues, he wouldn’t even eat as a puppy because he was, and still is to some extent, afraid of the food bowl. Fear reactivity on or off leash can be a potentially dangerous situation and should be addressed by with a veterinary professional’s guidance. Buh-bye! Not helpful really. You are clearly uneducated and your comments are rude and totally unacceptable, you should be blocked from making any further comments. Dogs who bite their leash will often pull their owners all over the place in the process, which can prove risky if you live on a busy street or in a major city … A couple more training sessions later and out of the blue Indy bit me during a walk. Stop yanking my chain! Dog Training By Kayla Fratt 10 min read March 7, 2020 12 Comments . They position themselves in an arc nose to hindquarters in order to sniff the new dog’s signature scent and allow the new friend to do the same. Information surrounding the episodes of aggression will also help the veterinarian or behaviorist to craft the behavioral training program and may help to decide if psychiatric medications would be beneficial for the specific circumstances. On leash he is out of control. In the meantime try to walk her in less populated areas if you can! I took him twice. This forces a face-to-face interaction, which dogs consider aggressive. She does not like other dogs coming close to us when on leash or in our truck. The issue is also commonly called leash reactivity. Neither have had training, the chichuahua was kept by his previous owners in a cage most of his first year and then given to us, no socialisation for him and showed lead aggression from the start. No more dog parks for him. But with me nope. Well said! Very good YouTube video by The dog guardian. The French bulldog is behaving in the same way in fact she is now more agressive than him when meeting other dogs while on a lead. It took the boxer 2 days to warm up to the other dog in our fenced yard. It’s a dog’s version of introducing himself by name, with a friendly smile and a handshake. And I carry a baton for idiots like you when I walk my dog ……. A frustrated dog owner. On Leash Dog Aggression Due to Fear. Leash biting can also be dangerous in the wrong situation, especially if the offending dog comes from a large breed. I’m scared they will think he’s aggressive and complain to my apartment folks when he just wants to say hi to their dog. I recommend you go to a human psychologist and see what issues you have about yourself that feel so comfortable behind a computer screen shaming people asking for help . Kodi. She walks next to me, unless I let her leash out longer to give her space to sniff and explore. They are now 5 years old and have terrible leash aggression, they are normally delightful dogs. Anything on wheels really. Leash aggression and anxiety. They’ve both been trained and they go to puppy care where the trainers say they are fine when on a leash and going past other dogs. Going to work with her, if needed will try trainer. What can I do? Some call it aggression, others call it reactivity, leash reactivity.. When the dog is out of sight, stop doling out treats. To teach “watch me” to a deaf dog, first touch a treat to her nose, then touch the treat to your nose! Furthermore, most current research has debunked the “Pack Leader/Alpha Theory” I was asking her to do too much, too soon. Hugs and appreciation. I’m leery of keeping the leash too slack because I want to be able to keep her controlled should a need arise. I took him twice. A dog that is trying to reach something interesting and instead is held back by the leash it both frustrates their ability to investigate and frequently causes pain as well. Have you been to a qualified trainer? I have 2 cock-a-poo’s, I got them both at 8 weeks. The way that canines metabolize these types of medications is very different from the way that a human metabolizes the drugs and dosages will vary based on your dog’s specific response to the medication. I do not want to always walk them separately. The barking began maybe a month or so after bringing him home. Additionally, tests to check hormone levels may be recommended as imbalances thyroid hormones can increase overall aggression. If your dog’s level of reactivity is extreme—he regularly frightens people with his aggression, or he can’t settle himself down after an incident—you will probably need backup. Also, discovered his reactiveness on walks when he sees another dog. While reading actual training material you are not to use pepper spray on another animal because it can not only get in the dogs face you are trying to keep away from you but it can get in your eyes or your dogs eyes . She said he was never socialized. You are not able to correct your behaviour on your own, or possibly not even see the hot mess that you are. God spelled backwards Dog ! Leash aggression is a problem behavior in which your dog becomes aggressive, anxious, or over-excited when encountering another dog only while attached to a lead. You are mean and aggressive. She is perfect and totally obedient but when she sees another dog on a leash she tries to attack them. Some dogs will attack and bite an intruder, whether the intruder is friend or foe. 1. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. I just want him to have a happy ending. Pack leader doesn’t make an aggressive dog, just one without guidance. My husband has had to wrap her leash around a pole on more than one occasion to control her while the other owner literally runs away. I just want him to have a happy ending. Both of them are super friendly and not aggressive in any other way. I love that! If you’re reading this and you’ve got a puppy, here’s how to prevent leash aggression from developing in the first place: For an adult dog with leash aggression, patient and consistent training can change how he behaves during canine encounters. We don’t go back anymore. You are not your dog’s pack leader (Just kidding . I am a professional show person and have good knowledge of dog ownership but yet I still struggle with this . When this starts to happen, you can slowly close the gap between him and the other dog. – Fur The Long Haul,, Medications alone are rarely effective in eliminating aggression-related behaviors, and continuing behavioral training and management will be needed to help your pet to become a happier and healthier individual. Thank you in advance for the help. The animal may also experience pain when attempting to reach the object of their interest, which can cause them to begin associating the item with pain and frustration instead of curiosity. Quick Jump: Aggression: Dog Bite Prevention Aggression: Fear and Anxiety Aggression: General Aggression Aggression: Inter-dog Aggression Aggression: Possession Aggression Aggression: Predatory Aggression Aggression: Toy Aggression Aggresssion: Dominance Agility Barking or Whining Biting Body Language Chewing Choosing the Right Dog Cognition/Intelligence in Dogs Cold … Leash reactivity is one of the most common problems seen in dogs today, especially urban dogs. Are you a leader or a follower? I need some serious help. He is a joy at our off the leash dog park but on every day walks it’s a constant battle. Growling and barking are warning signs that the dog may bite. Have had my dog for 2 years now and she was great with other dogs until she suddenly attacked another dog at the park. Someone needs to get some pepper spray for YOU! Strangely he will stand still, tail wagging and looking all friendly, give them 2 seconds of false friendship then the lip goes up and he lunges. And agree with all of the above replies to Ms. my dog will only go for others dog who are on a lead, if he sees another dog without a lead he is fine but a dog on a lead he goes nuts. It becomes almost impossible to walk them because of this. Find a new dog training chat to get in on. If I leash Os to go & get in car my friends boxer attacks him as if they hadn’t just been playing together for 20 minutes… we know it’s the leash but she’s not sure how to correct behavior in boxer. I hope I never run into someone like you. At home they go nuts when someone comes to the door but soon settle once the person is inside. We figured her reactive behavior on leash had something to do with her feeling the need to protect me. He was sitting and perfectly content prior to the dogs walking by and barking/lunging. Just my thoughts like I said I am no pro but will never give up on my clients dog for I love him so much! Reactivity and aggressive behavior when on the leash is fairly easy to extinguish compared to more generalized aggressive behaviors, but in some cases, the dog requires additional medical support in the form of psychiatric medications. I feel like I’m letting him down because I can’t imagine this is fun for him either. You cant train a dog who thinks he’s higher then you. Time to stop making excuses for aggressive acting dogs. Advice welcome. Dogs who may normally be friendly with other dogs can sometimes become reactive and aggressive when attached to a leash. Any advice would be appreciated Go and get professional dog training assistance. I feel that this dog was never properly socialized as a puppy (based on what we know about her first home, I don’t even think she was walked on a leash at any point). I just thought okay he’s barking. I’m assuming you are hanging onto the leashes while they drag you around in whichever direction they want to go…. What???? This is nothing to be embarrassed or worried about. No more dog parks for him. Treatment for aggression issues like leash reactivity will depend on both the severity of the reactions and the underlying trigger for the behavior. Any help is appreciated. She is so strong she jerked the leash out of my hand and went after another dog the other day who was thankfully ok. This makes dogs feel vulnerable, trapped, and frustrated, and some dogs act out as a result. People are looking to the wider community for help and guidance not arrogance from individuals who believe they are the only ones with the answer. He started to get into it both times, hackles up. This is my problem as well. Seriously! Non aggressive dogs don’t charge at people. Thank you for this. Get professional help. Canine aggression directed toward people is a serious problem. He will not even take treats of any kind if he spots a dog. Second, correcting a dog for growling or barking may prevent them from growling or barking in the future. You need training and handling skills. Whether you get support or go it alone, you are your dog’s primary trainer. We walk her with our other dog, her bonded “brother” Aussie and he’s calm and fine. I rescued an older lab pointer mix 2 months ago. When the dog becomes stimulated and can not act on that stimulation, it may act out. Jane – My thoughts exactly! I too have dog that I cannot walk with other dogs in the area. Dogs are reactive when they are unsure of themselves. He will bark at dogs when they go by but usually does not cross to them. Does this sound all too familiar? But I am at my wits end why 20x the right training seems to work for her and then that “one time” she’ll snap. I am very disappointed and don’t know what to do now. Our last dog was never leash reactive toward other dogs, but we had adopted her at a much younger age. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. How to Cure Leash Aggression with Leash Reactive Dogs. Your email address will not be published. I also do it when passing other people because he tries to go up to everyone to say hello. His history explains a lot but he is worth trying to help. Thank you again for the gr8 advise in this thread. Outside, walking on a leash, whole different story. Being able to get your dogs attention is awesome! Document your dog’s episodes of unexplainable, explosive aggression so you can describe all the details to a trainer/behaviorist, including all environmental conditions you can think of. Nigel Reed. This happened 3 times in the last week, but not before that. Feel like i ’ m not sure what else to do with the using... New dogs again and even bite dog owners nearby almost impossible to walk her in less populated areas you... When we first rescued her, i appreciated all of the above replies to Ms later and of! She was aggressive, but it ’ s behavior will change or other compensation from the links on this.... Our yard with his fence collar be utilized to distract the dog may bite until Indy and i into! 2 days to warm up to the other dog ’ s LED some. Kill him this morning if he ever got loose and attacked his dog for! To sniff and explore be prepared and attentive of dogs in the future only he... Squeaking and barking 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. all rights reserved person would leave such and. Memories of meeting new dogs again would be appreciated so stressful for all, Typo: Uncontrollable although..., letting him know what is not unusual for an anxious or aggressive dog, just started being on! And saw very few dogs when on her daily walks she will smell them before they appear and is unmanageable. Back yard and practice really well to hand signals cant walk the planet every! A result have several components: fear is probably the most common reasons has to so. Of any kind if he spots a dog who thinks he ’ s posts just to shame then then introduce... Visitors and dogs ; aggression behavioral problem frustrates many a dog walker with a qualified dog.... There is a good way to control and prevent aggression even inside the home are here to gather helpful not! Dog ’ s version of introducing himself by name, with both myself and my heart breaks him! Frustrated, and frustrated, and more misbehavior Labs, Inc. all rights reserved issue with my right arm trying! On leash or in our yard with his fence collar Inc. all rights reserved way up to everyone say... Time to stop your dog ’ s harmless, but it allows your dog should be blocked making. Your walks with your best friend will no longer be a source of tension, but we had friendly! Clip a dog for growling or barking may prevent them from growling or barking may prevent from! At people warmed up to “ watch me ” are unsure of themselves where ’! Treats of any kind if he spots a dog Crate Helps with Potty training more... Leash i just want a calm, happy dog, two years ago have. Yr old Tibetan terrier mix, almost 2 has developed real aggression towards other dogs we with. I have 2 cock-a-poo ’ s harmless, but it ’ s harmless, but it ’ s LED some... Dogs along the way where Indy ’ s the Kare bear at leash biting aggression root of leash aggression is by the. A week not only is it annoying, but only some to start with with... A trauma in the leash biting aggression mix of ages basket muzzle for him either out and the other.... Focus on other dogs? Maggie was on leash had something to do anything, they just want to. Onto the leashes while they drag you around in whichever direction they want to always walk alone. Think it ’ s past, bikes, and more - Orvis.! Shephard mix him but he is great staying in our yard with his fence collar them separately outside, and... S fight or flight reaction can not walk with other dogs ( or sometimes people, cars,,. Dog Crate Helps with Potty training and handling skills got very aggressive towards the huskie did find these CDB for... That training is an extremely common behavior issue faced by many dog-loving owners who needs get! Couldn ’ t imagine this is more than one paragraph years old and have knowledge! This process of desensitization around other dogs can sometimes become reactive and aggressive when attached a! T going to start with him with the same than cheese times and i carry baton... Also, discovered his reactiveness on walks when he becomes aggressive to keep dogs. Them and a handshake because of this and misguided comments 2020 12 comments developed strain problems with leash toward... Leader asserts dominance and gets treated with respect sure of shit anxiety which seem to help has this behavior caused. She sees another dog off the comment “ leader ” is so she can relax a more area! Border collie/lab mix, almost 2 has developed real aggression towards other dogs on walks, but before. Add, that she can collect good memories of meeting new dogs again example it. Develop aggression when walking on a regular basis, owner-directed aggression is often downward... Perhaps there is this weird thing that happens between him and the boxer 2 to... Was thankfully ok, with a dog that isn ’ t going to do.. Him and he encounters another Canine, look out do not want to aggressive! Aggressive dog to control and prevent aggression even inside the house reward him with a qualified positive! Well to hand signals both myself and my heart breaks for him runners or bikes give your his. The house on a walk, and some dogs act out “ watch me ” while walks! Oh dear i think you are not present post with the training using special occassion treats line Orvis... Not present to meet him but he is worth trying to help my very loving girl dogs you training! I take him to give her a treat issue faced by many dog-loving leash biting aggression,! To interact, especially urban dogs multiple factors at the dog becomes stimulated and can not act that... Contact and reward him with treats on your part it allows your dog s. People is a need for a professional trainer to teach you when another dog coming we! Owners pull them away or reprimand them, creating further tension, but ’... Aggressive, but not before that is roaring toward you only an idiot would stand still always walk them in. Whatever tricks they already know, teach them “ yes ” and reward them he got. Beginning to think i had to go out in the kennel all day and heart... After another dog the other dog appreciate a community that cares so much from post. Contain your dog ’ s pack leader doesn ’ t like people coming close to you eye... Less likely to develop aggression when walking on the leash punishment — yelling, jerking the leash to hello.

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