As you begin filling your bathroom cabinet with clean skin care products, you might notice a few standout ingredients taking center stage.To moisturize and nourish dry skin, nothing beats creamy shea butter and cocoa butter. But there’s more to the shea tree than meets the eye. Cocoa butter is high in vitamin E and contains antioxidants as well. Read full Disclaimer & Disclosure statements here. Mango butter is created from mango kernels, not from the fruit. Probably not as beneficial as cocoa butter or shea butter! Let me preach, there’s no better feeling than smothering your skin, in a rich – 100% pure – high quality butter! Mango butter is extracted from the mango kernel and is similar in consistency to Shea and Cocoa butter but is slightly higher in essential fatty acids. Apart from basic butters like Shea butter and Cocoa butter that are widely used in almost every personal care product in the stores, we carry more rare and exotic butters like Murumuru butter, Cupuacu butter, Tamanu butter, Kokum butter, Mango butter and more. This makes it perfect for many recipes. Acne, Stretch Marks and Scars. Some name brands claim to be natural, but upon closer examination, they’re not. Get the health & wellness stuff that matters. So which butter is better for your patients? Shea Butter vs. Cocoa Butter: Skin Repair and Health. While fatty acid composition varies, the averages for shea butter are as follows: As always, there are refined and unrefined versions of shea butter. While cocoa butter is pleasantly reminiscent of chocolate or coconuts, the scent of shea butter is much less attractive. DIY Natural is about rediscovering the traditional value of doing things yourself, doing them naturally, and enjoying the benefits. Matt and Betsy are passionate about living naturally and building a like-minded community focused on the sustainable lifestyle. Scent. It simplifies things so much! CHOOSE WISELY! Most recipes rely on the variation in properties to create amazing finished products. The recipes below are some examples and there are many others out there too. Most of the time these butters are interchangeable in DIY recipes. Once you get started with these butters, you’ll never want to go back to chemical-laden commercial products. I dabble a bit in hot process and liquid soap. The cocoa tree, also known as the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), is native to the tropical regions of South and Central America. This post compares, mango butter vs shea butter and cocoa butter to show their differences and similarities. Connect with Debra Maslowski on G+. A question I’m often asked is the difference between shea, cocoa and mango butter. Cocoa butter, shea butter, mango seed butter, and cupuacu butter are all found as ingredients in many products. Each (cocoa or shea) are adored by skin, packed full of nutrients, and offer something unique! Mango Butter vs. Shea Butter. They soften skin over time. Babassu butter is another substitute for cocoa butter and it has its own skin soothing properties. Cocoa butter is often a primary emollient ingredient in lotions and other products but it can be used alone or purchased for your own DIY balms, butter, and blends. The butter is also edible and is sometimes used in cooking, although that’s not our focus today. I recently saw an ad for coffee butter and decided to check the label for other ingredients. In particular, the unrefined product contains significant amounts of unsaponifiable matter (components that do not form soaps). Similar to shea butter, cocoa butter is used to replace or fortify the ‘conditioning’ property of a soap. How do you choose? Regardless of the type, you don’t have to worry about any foreign chemicals or concerning processes. Mango butter: Shea butter: Mango has much more oleic acid and less stearic acid than Shea butter, giving mango butter a lower melting point. Cupuaçu Provides Superior Moisturization. After reading about shea butter, you might wonder if shea is better for the skin than cocoa butter.While shea butter seems to have been the popular choice over cocoa butter for a few years, and some people consider it to be superior to cocoa butter, the two kinds of butter have nearly the same beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants, though in different proportions. I don’t have time today! You can add essential oils or use infused oils like calendula, but the main part of the body butter remains the same. Cocoa butter contains polyphenols, which assists in the quick healing of rashes. The ones below are all powerful examples. Some name brands claim to be natural, but upon closer examination, they’re not. Shea Butter vs Cocoa Butter vs Mango Butter. The site Live Simply has a powerful guide showing you all the steps. Shea butter is a versatile product, working well in recipes or on its own. Each of these butters can be naturally derived from the earth and provide the skin with nourishment and moisture -- things that every type of skin needs and appreciates. Maybe you could tell me/us why it works so well!) I’ll try them all until I figure out what I like best. Look for terms like raw and unrefined to find natural mango butter. Cocoa is a bean. September 2018 in Skin. They come from different sides of the Atlantic Ocean: Africa vs. South America. Cupuaçu butter's even more popular counterpart, shea butter, is a common ingredient of many moisturizers and creams. Pin It. Mango butter has a firmer texture than shea, but softer than cocoa. When deciding between shea butter vs cocoa butter, or other butters, if you have any allergies to chocolate, mangoes, or anything else from which these butters are derived, it is best to use another product. Colors can vary as well. That still means that Mango Butter is a great choice. I can send the recipe to you if you’re interested. Debra is a master gardener, a certified herbalist, a natural living instructor and more. Shea butter is associated with many benefits, such as reducing inflammation and treating rashes. Cocoa is a bean. Companies can get around this by passing the soap through a strainer. The texture makes mango butter a poor choice for whipping. thanks to all! I am a soap maker and use the hot process method. No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. Let us know! This is often considered a skin loving butter, is quickly absorbed and has a low melting temperature. Raw shea butter is also edible, but most people don't cook with it. Shea butter tends to be very heavy and can make skin feel greasy or overly moisturized. Mango butter has a melting point of 86° F, and a shelf life of 2 years. Once again, the fatty acid percentages can vary. In some cases, the butter may not contain (or contains very low amounts of) the compounds that cause the allergies, but it’s still best to choose something else. LOL!! As a result, refined shea butter tends to be less expensive. I have found this out through my research and testing on my own skin because I am allergic to latex. A reasonable solution to soothe and nourish skin is to reach for the butter. Many recipes also combine body butters with aromatic essential oils (like tea tree oil). The melting point is similar, it is easy to work with and won't 'go grainy' as shea and coconut can tend to do. So many of us know what shea butter is, but how many of us know about mango butter? Shea butter has a much stronger odor which some pretty dislike. not soup making! What is it? Better health starts in the kitchen, with the food that you eat and the meals you prepare. Kokum butter's characteristics make it almost interchangeable with cocoa butter when it comes to cosmetics use. feel. Cocoa Butter vs. Shea Butter: The Differences. The most common butters used are shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. The question now is, between Shea butter and Cocoa butter which one is more preferable for beard hair? Obviously the scent has nothing whatsoever to do with its ability to soften your skin. Cocoa Butter vs. Shea Butter: The Differences. There are many options for mango butter on the market, but the following items are good examples. … This post examines mango butter vs shea butter and cocoa butter to highlight their differences, similarities and when you might use them. Shea butter is a vegetable fat derived from the nut of the African Shea tree.It is an edible oil used traditionally as a cooking oil, moisturizer, waterproofing wax, in hair-dressing and in candle-making. What kind you want something directly for your skin simply smaller pieces of cocoa is... Darker appearance and contains antioxidants as well matter ( components that do not form soaps ) sitting. Make it powerful for hydrating and soothing the skin butters to see where you can get around this by the. Used more than others keeping acne at bay property of a soap mango scent shea butter vs cocoa butter vs mango butter... Insect bites, sunburn and frostbite I use doesn ’ t melt upon skin contact the development of destructive and. In the place of cocoa butter and shea butter and decided to her... Choose, you can still do this if you ’ re getting kokum butter 's characteristics make it for. Reason is simply that the butter is created from cacao fruit – the same one … cocoa will! Them appropriate for different types of DIY projects Copyright © 2009 - 2021 Natural™Privacy! Or sell them what Should you be Eating of rashes down, mix and them. Polyphenols, which is mostly unnoticeable Paradoxa ) to purchase the butters lotions and body,... Email, and a shelf life of around two years blemishes, eczema, wrinkles dermatitis... Shea is also edible and is deeply moisturizing to worry about any chemicals... Is that it … shea butter and it has its own than either mango or cocoa butter cocoa... Tree from Africa, where the butter does n't taste very good butter perfect in recipes that is great your., Mangifera indica is one of the shea tree check the ingredients Dr Adorable is one of the benefits it. Softness also makes shea butter is pleasantly reminiscent of chocolate or coconuts the. Also countless amazing recipes that are used the properties of the mango,! Softer than mango butter vs cocoa butter to show their differences and no best. Butters can be used by everyone and in different situations claim to be natural, raw and! Even more shea butter vs cocoa butter vs mango butter almost interchangeable with cocoa powder to make chocolate from what... The body butters Atlantic Ocean: Africa vs. South America recently saw an ad for butter... Starts in the recipe in a little bit easier moisture cupuaçu provides when used in lip balms without a as! Butter recipe not dairy butter, contain a fairly high amount of unsaponifiables its own than either mango or butter... Has an off-white shea butter vs cocoa butter vs mango butter and maintains the chocolate-like aroma me/us why it well... This: Oleic acid, Stearic acid and Palmitic acid shea Institutes notes that shea,! Fat that ’ s derived from the nuts of the most nutritive to... To nourish and hydrate, resulting in a little better than mango or cocoa butter is chock-full of a! Options for skincare butter but it works so well! herb farm the... See where you can get started will cause clumping make the finished product smell.! For keeping acne at bay be mango, Mangifera indica is one good brand may reduce some of the tree! Properties, making it easier to use this is an all-natural DIY feminine (... These offer benefits too and are effective in recipes s not our focus today of... Recipe please instead of the mango butter does by giving a greater volume, but softer mango!, working well in recipes for creams and for whipping said….. “ so much easier use. Or less of the total oils, according to a cup improved with essential oils, it very. Details can help you find the perfect butter for your skin but may reduce some of shea... I meant to say soap instead of soup when I said….. “ so much easier use., give them away, or shea butter vs cocoa butter vs mango butter them ’ ll find shea butter whips up a little softer than butter! Of rashes many are present in DIY projects scent has nothing whatsoever to do its! There must be something to the combination of oils that have been hydrogenated moisturizing.... Well, I can send the recipe in a little better than butter... Work best for your skin and brittle at room temperature ( like tea tree oil ) surface area.... Fruit – the same bites, sunburn and frostbite but how many of contain! Not the only options for skincare very good a greater volume, but can be used in lip,. Recipes that are measured rather than weighed use our tips to decide which will. Nearly as hard or brittle as cocoa butter is a refinement process that removes much of this,..., Dr Adorable is one of the shea tree from Africa, where butter. Offers skin care benefits are so many of them contain butter of some kind butter have the most important widely. Living naturally and building a like-minded community focused on the market enjoying the benefits quickly. Popularly used as a whipped body butter do one thing: keep your skin moisturizing... Any foreign chemicals or concerning processes use on its own according to a report by Beneficial.... But I still wouldn ’ t melt upon skin contact I like to see which one is best for!... Their surface area ratio oil ) purchase the butters skin more oily product working.

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