Manufactured by PAMP Suisse (Produit Artistiques Metaux Precieux), the world's leading independent Precious Metals refiner. Free shipping. I am happy with my purchase overall. The reverse of the bar bears the company logo, the weight, purity and serial number. If you would like to know more, please read our Privacy Policy. Equally as impressive as its composition is its elegant artwork that features the PAMP Suisse’s signature Lady Fortuna design. "I was referred by a friend who showed me his recent purchase so I got online jumped into Bullion Exchanges website and ordered my own. 5 gram .9999+ Fine PAMP Gold Bars contain 5 gram of Gold. I got my product in just a few days after ordering despite heavy snow there was no big delay in getting what I ordered. As the first decorative motif ever to embellish a precious metals bullion bar, PAMP's distinctive Lady Fortuna design has won the world over as assurance of PAMP quality and authenticity. She is always represented with her mythical attributes, like the cornucopia in her hands, with the wealth that flows from it, and the wheel of fortune behind her. Increase your luck by investing in Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck and fortune. which is equivalent to $0.001 off a future purchase. Bullion Exchanges offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99. Description. Keep it up! All orders that total $250 or more require Signature Confirmation upon delivery. Bar Highlights: Contains 1 Kilo, or 32.15 oz, of .999 pure silver. Call us at 888-989-7223. We intend to add international shipping options sometime in the foreseen future. The obverse depicts a blindfolded Lady Fortuna (from the Latin fortuna, -ae f fortune or luck) with a cornucopia or "horn of plenty". PAMP Suisse is the world's best-known refinery for gold, silver, and other precious metals. This silver bullion of one-ounce (oz), or 31.10 ounces (oz), PAMP Suisse Fortuna is elegantly decorated with the famous Roman goddess Fortuna. Bar Features : Produced from 99.99% pure gold with a weight of 1 troy ounce. BuyBack Price: SGD 8007.2; SOLD OUT. Lady Fortuna is the Goddess of Fortune and Luck according to Roman mythology, and her blindfold seeks to depict the fair, unbiased nature of luck and fortune. Bars come packaged in a plastic case. This bar is so stunning!! Bullion Exchanges does not offer international shipping at this point; we only ship to US addresses and US people. PAMP offers an extraordinary range of shapes and designs from which to choose, as well as elegant options for pendant-wear. Free shipping. (LBMA-geaccrediteerd) Goudbaren van Pamp Suisse zijn wereldwijd bekend en goed verhandelbaar. Quantity Discounts Prices as low as. Please use other safer browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Once shipped, orders typically arrive within 1-14 days. SUBSCRIBE to GOLD AVENUE's newsletter to stay informed of our special offers. PAMP Suisse makes some of the most popular Gold bars in the world. The Premium includes the production and operational costs (production, handling, warehousing, etc. In the unlikely event that your package is lost or damaged in transit you will receive a refund full refund or replacement product.. Due to state and federal law we are obligated to collect 8.875% in sales tax on precious metals, however there are exceptions on purchases over $1000. This popular design, Lady Fortuna, is a timeless classic and epitomizes wealth all over the world. Dear customer, Alessandro Soldati In order to remain VAT-FREE, these products are only available for storage. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you wish to exchange a product you may be required to submit photography or other documentation to process the exchange. Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Family Gold/Silver Collection..only missing like 3-4 total of both sets. shipping: + $3.35 shipping . PAMP Fortuna silver bars are available from Suisse Gold in sizes ranging from 2.5 grams to 1 Kilogram. Product Highlights:-Contains 1 oz of 99.99% pure gold-The obverse features the popular engraved image of Lady Fortuna The PAMP Fortuna series is one of PAMP's most popular ranges. // ]]>, When the item is available Can I change my shipping address after I have placed an order? 10 oz DGSE .999 AG Silver Bar BU - Lady Liberty Unity Symbol Stamped. ), as well as our margin. All silver bars are guaranteed to arrive in newly minted condition, encased in their original PAMP Suisse sealed packet. Manufactured by PAMP Suisse (Produit Artistiques Metaux Precieux), the world's leading independent Precious Metals refiner. Orders are shipped using USPS, UPS, FedEx, or Armored Vehicle at our discretion. Glad i ordered with Bullion shipment arrived fast, Thank you! Related sponsored items Reverse: PAMP Suisse logo, weight and purity along with a unique serial number. PAMP Suisse is a premier precious metals refinery and mint based in Ticino, Switzerland. On the back of the coin, important information is displayed, for example, the weight of the silver bullion, the purity of the silver and the date of production. PREMIUM: – As mentioned, the front (or obverse) of the coin features a breathtaking depiction of Lady Fortuna, the ancient Roman goddess of luck. Increase your luck by investing in Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck and fortune. We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to your visit. In Switzerland gold is VAT-free, other precious metals are charged a 7.7% VAT rate (the lowest in Europe). We recommend using gloves when wearing it to avoid getting dirty or leaving fingerprints on your investment. //

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